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"Thank you for choosing me as your channel from Spirit.  It’s one of my greatest joys to deliver clear messages that inspire, motivate or uplift you.  I think of myself as a change agent by helping you step into a more powerful YOU!"

Every session with Bill is a direct channel from Spirit through his own guide, Paul.  Spirit speaks directly to Bill in this way telling him, or showing him, everything he needs to share with the client.  He begins sensing and hearing "stuff" as soon as he connects with the client. At times he may use the tarot as a road map for your journey, while other times he may simply begin sharing what he is "getting" from Spirit.  

Bill sees clients LIVE via phone, Face Time, or Facebook Messenger Video - Limited IN Person sessions available via Bill - Bill @ 

Bill answers the tough questions, sensitively, yet with a gentle directness, guiding each client through the session until they are more than satisfied with the information presented to them. Many have said that Bills guidance is spot on, sometimes confirming what they themselves already know and other times, inspiring them to take action in making necessary changes to enhance and heal their lives on every level. 

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