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Meet Bill

One look at Bill Hobart and you know you are seeing the light of the Divine shine through.  Ever since he was a young child he “just knew things.”  Like most of us, he didn’t know how he knew things, they just seemed to come to him.  It took many years of spiritual “awakenings” and training for him to realize his messages were truly a gift from Spirit.

Although born with the ability to deliberately connect with spirit, Bill did not always embrace it. Yes, he knew the right person to hire for every job, had inspired teams for years, and led them to unending success, it wasn't until later in life that he heard Spirits call loud and clear. That message was channeled through his long time friend and personal reader, Bonnie.


“As a spiritual leader, you were born knowing things others don’t. Your guide, Paul, has been speaking to you your entire life.  It’s time to listen deeply and begin helping people heal their life!”

As one of the top leaders at an international shoe retailer, Bill’s teams were constantly flourishing because he "just knew" exactly how to empower them. The same was true for every customer that walked through the door.  He just didn’t realize how he knew.  “I just knew when a potential new hire walked in the door that he/she were the one.”


Assured by Spirit that everything was going to be OK, he left his career and with the help of Aphrodette North held his first intuitive meet up and attended his first Tarot Salon Detroit. Seven years later and Bill has established himself as one of the top physic mediums in the Detroit area, possibly around the globe as he sees clients in Detroit, Michigan, Denver, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, and Chicago. He has worked with clients in one on one LIVE sessions, group sessions, Via Face Time, and phone.

"My greatest joy is receiving answers and guidance for the tough questions, you know, about relationships, career, family and then seeing the light in my clients faces when they finally have an answer that makes sense! I know personally how important it can be to work with someone you trust, someone who will see each person without judgement and allow the voice of spirit to guide them on their journey.  That's just a daily WOW for me that I am honored to witness and be part of!" Bill

Here's what Bills clients say:

I can't recommend Bill enough! I have met with him 4 times now in a year and have such a great understanding of myself and my past and my future after sitting down with him. I actually met him randomly at my workplace and he stopped me and told me things that completely changed my life for the better. I will probably never make a huge life decision without seeing him first ever again -LL, Troy, MI

What an amazing reading! I've had several readings from others before, but Bill was able to explain things in a way I've never had before. I never felt rushed, I left feeling that I understand more in my world, and the feeling of happiness, being more grounded, and my world feeling more at ease. THANK YOU BILL !! You truly are amazing !!!! I STRONGLY recommended! LA, Sterling Heights, MI

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